Alpine Verification Meeting and Rich Model Toolkit Meeting in Lugano

Time: 18-19 October (Monday-Tuesday) 2010


Place: University in Lugano, collocated with FMCAD 2010 (program)


The event is

  • Meeting of the COST Action IC0901
    • COST Action IC0901 explores directions and techniques for making automated reasoning (including analysis and synthesis) applicable to a wider range of problems, as well as making them easier to use by researchers, software developers, hardware designers, and information system users and developers.
  • Alpine Verification Meeting (see AVM 2008, AVM 2007, AVM 2006, AVM 2005)
    • The Alpine Verification Meeting is a meeting on current problems in formal verification. The goal of the meeting is to bring together researchers from the region to update each other on their research, to have time for discussion, also on possible collaborations.

Participants will include COST Action IC0901 members, Alpine Verification Group attendees, and invited speakers.

Social program will include hiking and dinner. Lugano is a beautiful tourist resort in Switzerland.

Local Organization:

More information will follow soon. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Viktor Kuncak.