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-====== Numerical Transition Systems Competition (NTS-COMP) ====== +This page has moved [[http://nts.imag.fr/​index.php/​Main_Page|here]]
- +
-Numerical Transition Systems (a.k.a. Counter Systems, Counter Automata or Counter Machines) are simple models of computation involving infinite (or very large) data domains, such as integers, floating-point or real numbers. Despite their apparent simplicity, NTS can, in theory, model any real-life computer system, ranging from hardware circuits to programs. As a consequence,​ an important number of tools have emerged, addressing verification problems, such as reachability or termination,​ and deploying various techniques (widening, predicate abstraction,​ acceleration,​ etc.). A detailed definition of NTS and of the verification problems we consider can be found here.  +
- +
-The aim of NTS-COMP is to focus the verification community on a common general format (nts-lib) for describing NTS, and to build a open library of benchmarks that will be contributed to by tool developers +
- +
-  * Rules +
-  * Download nts-lib +
-  * Benchmarks +
-  * Participants +
-  * Results +
- +
-For additional information please contact Radu Iosif (iosif@imag.fr)+