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-Numerical Transition Systems Library +This page has moved [[http://nts.imag.fr/index.php/Main_Page|here]]
-==================================== +
- +
-The NTS-lib consists of a language specification (NTL), a parser for the language, abstract syntax tree classes, and a pretty-printer. The NTS-lib provides a common exchange format for numerical program benchmarks.  +
- +
-  * The **NTL language specification**:​ {{:​ntslib.pdf|pdf}} +
-  * Benchmark ​[[https://github.com/hhojjat/NTSLib|examples]] +
-  * **Java** distribution:​ {{:​java-nts.tgz|java-nts.tgz}} (build of 2011/12/19)  +
-  * **OCaml** distribution:​ {{ocaml-nts.tgz|ocaml-nts.tgz}} (build of 2012/​07/​11) +
- +
-IMPORTANT: The standardization of NTS is still ongoing. For this reason, slight changes in the language are to be expected in the future. These changes will not affect the basic language constructs, therefore existing NTS clients will work with future releases. For suggestions concerning the design and implementation of the NTS library, please contact: +
-  * Filip Konecny <filip dot konecny at imag dot fr> +
-  * Florent Garnier <florent dot garnier at imag dot fr> +
-  * Radu Iosif <radu dot iosif at imag dot fr>+