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-====== Numerical Transition Systems Competition (NTS-COMP) ====== +This page has moved [[http://nts.imag.fr/​index.php/​Main_Page|here]]
- +
-Numerical Transition Systems (a.k.a. Counter Systems, Counter Automata or Counter Machines) are simple models of computation involving infinite (or very large) data domains, such as naturals, integers, rationals or real numbers. Despite their apparent simplicity, NTS can, in theory, model any real-life computer system, ranging from hardware circuits to programs. As a consequence,​ an important number of tools have emerged, addressing verification problems, such as reachability or termination,​ and deploying various techniques (widening, predicate abstraction,​ acceleration,​ etc.). A detailed definition of NTS and of the verification problems we consider can be found {{:ntslib.pdf|here}}.  +
- +
-The aim of NTS-COMP is to focus the verification community on a common general format (nts-lib) for describing NTS, and to build a open library of benchmarks that will be contributed to by tool developers +
- +
-  * Rules +
-  * Download nts-lib +
-  * Benchmarks +
-  * Participants +
-  * Results +
- +
-For additional information please contact Radu Iosif (iosif@imag.fr)+