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 <​latex>​ <​latex>​
-    \frac{3}{17 \pi}   ​\sqrt{\cdot x^2   12}\\+    \frac{3}{17 \pi}   ​\sqrt{\cdot x^2   12}\\
     \lim_{n \to \infty}     \lim_{n \to \infty}
     \sum_{k=1}^n \frac{1}{k^2} = \frac{\pi^2}{6}\\     \sum_{k=1}^n \frac{1}{k^2} = \frac{\pi^2}{6}\\
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 Test bureaucracy:​ Test bureaucracy:​
 <​form>​ <​form>​
-action mail viktor.kuncak@epfl.ch+action mail richmodels-votes@laraserver.epfl.ch
 thanks "Your vote has been recorded. Thank you for your participation."​ thanks "Your vote has been recorded. Thank you for your participation."​
 fieldset "Vote for MC Members of Action IC0901"​ fieldset "Vote for MC Members of Action IC0901"​
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 fieldset fieldset
 select "Do you agree?"​ " Yes | No " select "Do you agree?"​ " Yes | No "
-fieldset+static @MAIL@ 
 +fieldset ​@MAIL@
 select "​Country"​ "​Austria|Czech Republic|Denmark|Estonia|Finland|France|Germany|Israel|Italy|Malta|Norway|Poland|Romania|Serbia|Slovenia|Spain|Switzerland|Sweden|United Kingdom"​ select "​Country"​ "​Austria|Czech Republic|Denmark|Estonia|Finland|France|Germany|Israel|Italy|Malta|Norway|Poland|Romania|Serbia|Slovenia|Spain|Switzerland|Sweden|United Kingdom"​
 submit "​Vote"​ submit "​Vote"​