Reimbursement Rules for COST Events

  • You will get reimbursed for transportation, flight (+train), etc. for which you need to provide a receipt and boarding passes.
  • Accommodation is reimbursed using a flat rate per night, for which no receipts are needed.
  • Food is also covered with a flat rate per meal, two meals per day.
  • Registration fees are not covered.

The exact flat rates might vary from event to event depending on the available funding. Furthermore, only MC members are guaranteed to be reimbursed for every event. Other participants will be explicitly invited in order to get reimbursed.

The reimbursements process requires filling a form. This form is generated as a result of a proper invitation that will be sent to you through email a few days before the event.

As usual with EU grants, VAT will not be reimbursed.

For specific questions regarding financial matters, you can contact:

  • Hotel flat rate: 120 EUR per night. The maximum number of nights is the maximum of 4.
  • Food flat rate: at most 20 EUR per meal. At most 6 meals are reimbursed.

The SVARM'11 workshop is open to all participants.

“Invitation” here refers to COST support.

  • All MC members are invited.
  • For SVARM'11, all MC substitutes are also invited.
  • All students and post-docs that will be presenting material in SVARM are invited as well. Please provide me with the contact of non-MC members to activate e-cost for them, so we can issue a proper e-cost invitation form in due time.

If there is a specific member from your group (student, etc) that will benefit particularly from attending SVARM, let us know, and we will try to provide coverage.